Motor Vehicle Technician – Curtis Bennett

Curt joined us in July 2018 after spending many years in the motor trade. His experience covers a wide range of vehicles starting off his motor career working with larger heavy goods vehicles. This was a very demanding job in itself as larger vehicles are, naturally, a lot more complex than your everyday motor. He has now honed in his skills working on the German vehicles we see regularly – nothing has been too much of a challenge to him, despite being presented with complete engine rebuilds and unfamiliar jobs.

He completed his level 2 apprenticeship within his time at the heavy goods specialist and then went on to spend a further 3 and a half years with that business. Curt had to adapt each and every day to the different vehicles he was being presented to work on, often having to carry out tasks that required in-depth planning and thinking, and this has helped to develop Curt’s ability when working on vehicles.

Curt actually started life as a mechanic at the young age of ten years old as his dad was a keen mechanic working on everything and anything including cars, motorbikes, and trucks.

Curt’s favourite car driven: Mitsubishi Evo IX.

Curt’s favourite car yet to drive: Lycan Hypersport.