Light Motor Vehicle Appprentice – Jake Minshull

Jake has recently joined us as part of his light vehicle level 3 apprenticeship. He chose G-Tech as he had heard such great reviews and feedback about us as a business.

Jakes hobbies include: BMX’ing, he is very keen to work on, enhance and modify his personal BMX. Jake challenges himself with computer work in his spare time, he likes to write code, and programme apps – and he hopes to master ECU coding within his time in the motor trade.

Jake has shown a positive start to his working career often providing us with some great initiative and a fresh set of eyes and ideas for some of the more challenging jobs we have in. Previously having only worked part time jobs within his local community – he now finds himself in the big wide working world that is the motor trade – and he has taken it in his stride showing a great attitude and a willing desire to learn. We’re very luck to have him on board with us.

Jake’s favourite vehicle driven: BMX (soon to be updated)

Jake’s favourite car yet to drive: Toyota Supra Mk4 Twin-Turbo