Skilled Service Technician – Ricardo ‘Ronaldo’ Da Silva Vale

Ronaldo first came through G-tech’s doors as a customer who then became a regular visitor after he saw and experienced the fantastic service we delivered!

Fast forward 2 years and he now finds himself working alongside the elite force that use to look after him so well and maintain his vehicle for him. So after expressing his interest and desire to work here, Imty suggested he go away and complete a qualification within the motor trade and come back to us.

Without us knowing, Ronaldo took our advice and he went away and in his home country of Portugal he carried out an intense 6 month training course in Servicing and Maintenance of motor vehicles.
He absolutely thrived on the opportunity taking in all of his class room hours, as well as the intense days of labour in a busy and established garage he worked in within his home town of Porto.

He then returned to England and to G-Tech Motorworks and he presented us with his certificate confirming his qualification.
Imty, being a man of his word, without hesitation invited Ronaldo in for the interview he had promised him and here he is.. he has shown a vast amount of knowledge and attention to detail and is also a dab hand at carrying out valets too!

Our very own skilled Portuguese customer, turned employee! Who knows you might be our next..!?

Favourite car driven: Lamborghini Aventador

Favourite car yet to drive: Ford GT-40