At G-tech Motor-Works, in Derby, we offer more than just repairs and maintenance.

We can provide a full range of performance and comfort enhancements to personalise your vehicle.

So whether you would like higher performance, better economy, more sporty handling, a completely different look or higher quality sound from your ride, we are here and happy to help, just get in touch to find out more.


New ECU Tuning now available!

We have invested in some awesome ECU tuning tech which we can now offer to you!

Please use the tool below to select your car make, model and engine variant and see what improvements you could achieve.



Let G-tech take your pride and joy and re-work it into something unique, using one or more of the following:

  • Engine ECU re-mapping for performance / economy
    • BHP and torque increase
    • improved engine operation
    • remapped to a safe limit for your engine
  • Custom exhaust systems
    • Increased Power & Efficiency
    • A Smoother, Richer Exhaust Tone
    • Enhanced Appearance
  • Brake upgrades
    • High Performance Friction Material
    • Cross-Drilled or Slotted Discs
    • Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line
  • Suspension upgrades
    • lowering kits
    • coil overs
    • strut braces
    • up-rated bushes
  • Induction kits
    • improved air flow
    • increased performance
    • enhanced engine sound
  • Swirl flap and EGR delete
    • prevents premature engine failure
    • increased engine torque
    • improved engine breathing
  • Multimedia upgrades
    • bluetooth compatibility
    • enhanced sound
    • voice control
  • Cruise control fitment
    • retro fitted
    • driver enhancement
  • PCV valve delete
    • minimizes oil contamination
    • prevents boost leaks
  • Supercharger mods
    • twin charge kits
    • BHP increase
  • Turbocharger mods
    • boost control
    • improved induction
    • improved cooling


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