Modifications & Re-maps

Specialists in modifying and re-mapping German cars, such as BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Seat, Mini, Porsche & Bentley.

Let G-tech take your pride and joy and re-work it into something unique, using our extensive experience built up from years of hands-on remapping and modifiying German cars.

We can provide you with a full range of performance and comfort enhancements to personalise your vehicle, including:

Induction Kits

Fitting an induction kit provides improved air flow, increased performance and enhanced engine sound.

Swirl Flap & EGR Delete

Deleting the swirl flap and EGR helps prevent premature engine failure, increases engine torque and improves engine breathing.

Custom Exhausts

Fitting full custom exhaust systems helps increase power & efficiency, provides a smoother, richer exhaust tone and enhances the appearance of your vehicle.


Engine ECU re-mapping can help improve performance / economoy, including increasing BHP and torque. We always remap within a safe limit for your engine.

Brake Upgrades

Once you have more powerful car you need to be able to slow it down and stop it quickly and safely, we can help you to do that with brake upgrades, including high-performance friction material, cross-drilled / slotted discs and stainless steel braided brake lines.

Suspension Upgrades

Let us help you improve your car’s handling usinga combination of lowering kits, coil-overs, strut braces and up-rated bushes.

Multimedia Upgrades

Keeping you safe and your passengers entertained is easily achieved with multimedia upgrades including bluetooth, enhanced sound, vision and voice control.

Cruise Control

We can retro-fit cruise control if your vehicle doesn’t have it, making driving even more relaxing.

PCV Valve Delete

Minimizes oil contamination and prevents boost leaks.

Supercharger Mods

We can provide supercharder mods including twin charge kits and increasing your car’s BHP.

Turbocharger Mods

We can provide turbocharger mods including boost control, improved induction and improved cooling.

ECU Tuning Derby

Do you want to find out more about how ECU re-mapping could improve the performance / economy for your vehicle?

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